Provisional 2008 accounts for French agriculture: grain prices drop, farm income declines

Claire Lesdos-Cauhapé, division Agriculture, Insee

The 2008 crop year saw abundant grain harvests and a drop in their prices. By contrast, poultry and pig prices rebounded, reflecting higher animal-feed prices. Milk prices rose on an annual average despite losing ground in H2. Total agricultural production rose a nominal 3.9% from 2007. The surge in fertilizer and fuel-oil prices also weighed on farmers’ expenses. Overall, agricultural-sector income fell significantly. Agricultural employment continued to decline. According to the estimates in the provisional agriculture accounts for 2008, net farm income per employed person shed 9% in real terms, and net income from agricultural enterprises per non-salaried worker slipped 15%.

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No 1215
Paru le : 16/12/2008