One French person in twenty deprived of private dwelling at least once in his or her lifetime

Maryse Marpsat, département des prix à la consommation, des ressources et des conditions de vie des ménages et Gaël de Peretti, Genes, Insee

In metropolitan France, 2,500,000 people occupying private dwellings in 2006 reported that they had been deprived of them at least once in their lives: 78% were taken in by other persons, 14% were put up in shelters, and 11% slept in locales not intended for habitation. Of the 540,000 people who have had to sleep in street locales or shelters, many remain in hardship. They are more likely to be dissatisfied with their dwelling conditions and neighbourhood. Nearly one-quarter are unemployed, and they live in districts where the unemployment rate runs well above average. Their living standards are lower and, because of financial straits, they have trouble keeping their dwellings.

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Paru le : 20/02/2009