The service sector in 2006: new technologies bring growth

Marie-Élisabeth Hassan, Mahmoud Jlassi, Marie-Dominique Minne, Mustapha Okham, Isabelle Raton, division Services, Insee

Business in the service sector increased in 2006. Production grew by 3.1 % of volume, whilst that of the economy as a whole grew by 2.4 %. Nearly 98,000 jobs were created in the service sector, representing a rise of 2.0 %. The growth of services in 2006 derived from the strength of businesses linked to new information and communication technologies: IT services increased their business by 6.2 % and telecommunications services by 6.0 %. Less expected, online hire companies performed extremely well, also with a growth of 6.0 %. Property development and letting agency businesses grew, but services to individuals (apart from domestic services) ran out of steam and slowed the growth in services as a whole, with overall growth of 1.0 %. Certain sectors, however, managed to stay ahead of the game, such as cinemas (+ 7.4 %) and the entertainment business (+ 6.9 %).

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