An excellent 2007 for the hotel industry, less so for campsites

Marie-Anne Le Garrec, service statistique de la direction du Tourisme

The number of overnight stays spent in hotels in 2007 was up significantly on 2006 (+2.6%), mainly due to foreign tourists. Indeed most European customer markets were drawn to France. The Rugby World Cup also had an impact. In 2007, as in 2006, luxury hotels performed best in terms of both occupancy rates and overnight stays. Weather conditions had a negative impact on campsites. The number of overnight stays was down 2.5% on 2006. However, stays increased very significantly for rental sites equipped with mobile home-type light accommodation facilities. In the hotel sector, the best regional performances were in Île-de-France (because of foreign tourists) and eastern regions (thanks to TGV links). In the campsite sector, numbers increased in Mediterranean regions, where the weather was better than on the west coast.

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Paru le : 20/02/2008