One pupil in two starting secondary school in 1995 was in education 10 years later

Sylvie Lemaire (DEPP), Véronique Guyon et Fabrice Murat (Insee)

Most pupils starting secondary school in 1995 were still in education ten years later. This is especially true of girls, the children of middle-managers and above all pupils who had performed well at primary school level, in other words those who did not have to retake a year or had achieved a good level in French and mathematics. Two thirds of young people who ended their studies before March 2005 were in employment at this date; the chances of having a job are lower for those pupils who left school early. At 21 years of age, these young people are partially established on the road to independence: 60% still live with their parents.

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No 1158
Paru le : 27/09/2007