Children of couples and children of single-parent families: major differences among young children

Olivier Chardon, Fabienne Daguet, division Enquêtes et études démographiques, Insee

In 2005, 63% of children under 18 were living with married-couple parents but an ever-greater number are living with a consensual-union couple (18%) or in a single-parent family (16%). Thirty-seven percent of children live with at least one parent who is a higher-education graduate, and 44% with at least one parent in a management-level job or engaged in an intermediate occupation. The youngest children have the parents with the highest educational attainment, but are not more likely to have fathers in management-level jobs or intermediate occupations. Young children in single-parent families are less likely to have mothers with degrees or in employment than young children living with both parents. These differences are narrower for teenagers. They are also less pronounced on the fathers’ side. Children enjoy better dwelling conditions when their parents live together. Eleven percent of French children live in overcrowded dwellings. The proportion rises to one-quarter in the Paris region (Île-de-France).

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