Employment in local authorities as of 31st December 2006

Stéphanie Lemerle - Guillaumat, division Exploitation des fichiers administratifs, Claudine Maillard-Barbé et Anthony le Mat, direction régionale de Bretagne, Insee

In 2006, local authorities employed 60,000 more staff than in 2005, i.e. an increase of 3.3%. This growth is partly explained by the inclusion of non-tenured civil servants (in regional councils) as set out by the 2004 law on local freedoms and responsibilities. Nevertheless, since 1990, local employment has grown three times faster than total employment, with an acceleration linked to the 12th July 1999 law on strengthening and simplifying cooperation between local authorities. Although the State remains the largest public employer, almost one third of civil servants are now the responsibility of a local employer.

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