The health of the poorest people

Thibaut de Saint Pol, division Conditions de vie des ménages, Insee

People on the lowest incomes believe they are in poorer health than the rest of the population. Although they less frequently declare that they suffer from certain common illnesses, such as eye problems, both adults and children in the poorest category are more likely to suffer from some other illnesses, such as diseases of the digestive system. 11% of people in this category suffer from tooth decay, compared with 6% of the rest of the population. Furthermore, they visit the doctor less often, particularly specialists and have less comprehensive medical insurance: 22% of them have no additional health cover compared with 7% of the rest of the population. Finally, the practices of prevention and screening are much less widespread among the poorest people, which deepens the divide between them and the rest of the population still further.

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Paru le : 25/10/2007