1.2 million children aged under 18 live in reconstituted families

Émilie Vivas, division Enquêtes et études démographiques, Insee

In 2006, 1.2 million children aged under 18 were living in reconstituted (blended) families in metropolitan France (mainland + Corsica). Of the total, 800,000 were living with a parent and step-parent, most often a stepfather. When their parent and step-parent did not have children together, they were living in a family with few children. Indeed, one-third of the children in the group were the only offspring in the family. Four hundred thousand of these children were born after the family recomposition, and were therefore living with their two parents and a half-brother or half-sister. They were more likely to belong to large families. The eldest child of the current union was, on average, seven years younger that the youngest of his or her half-siblings. In reconstituted families, the female partner is more often older than the male partner. The proportion is one in three in reconstituted families versus one in five in traditional families. Parents in reconstituted families have a lower educational attainment and a more vulnerable labour-market status than other couples with children. The educational attainment of mothers in reconstituted families is very close to that of mothers in single-parent families.

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