Protecting your home against burglary and your own fears

Thomas Le Jeannic, division Conditions de vie des ménages (Insee), Lorraine Tournyol du Clos, Institut national des hautes études de sécurité (Inhes)

42 % of homes in Paris are protected by reinforced doors, burglar-proof glazing or three-point locks. In one in two cases, these features are accompanied by another form of protection: watchmen, digital keypads and dogs. The type of dwelling and degree of urbanisation are obviously determining factors. Five times more houses than flats are equipped with alarms and 96 % of Parisian dwellings are protected by a digital keypad. While the effectiveness of these security systems is not always proven, except in the case of a watchman, it is no less true that they provide reassurance to the occupants of the dwelling.

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No 1177
Paru le : 13/02/2008