Immigrant Employment in 2007

Jacqueline Perrin-Haynes, cellule Statistiques et études sur l’immigration, Insee

In 2007 2.4m immigrants living in mainland France said they were working or unemployed, i.e. 8.6% of the labour force. The employment rate for female immigrants aged between 15 and 64 rose from 35 % in 1990 to 47 % in 2007. The unemployment rate for immigrants is twice as high as that for non-immigrants, and affects female immigrants more than male immigrants. One quarter of working immigrants are graduates. Among manual workers, male immigrants less often do jobs for skilled workers than male non-immigrants; one quarter of female immigrants do jobs for unskilled workers. Like the rest of the population, immigrants work less and less in manufacturing and more and more in services.

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Paru le : 31/10/2008