The employees of private individuals employing domestic help in 2006

Claire Marbot, Valérie Dejonghe, division Exploitation des fichiers administratifs, Véronique Bruniaux, direction régionale Nord - Pas-de-Calais, Insee

In the whole of 2006, more than 1.6 million employees were employed directly by a private individual: 410,000 child-minders, 550,000 home-helps and nearly 1 million employees carrying out another type of service (housekeeping, educational support, ironing, etc.), with some carrying out several of these activities. During a given week, one employee in two worked for several private individuals and, on average, employees in this sector had 2.2 employers. This multiple employment is linked to the low number of hours worked as part of each contract. Excluding child-minders, for whom the number of hours worked is not known, hourly wages are relatively similar: 80% of employees earn between €6.2 and €9.4 net per hour. However, the number of hours worked per year varies significantly from one employee to the next, although the salaries earned in personal service jobs vary widely: in 2006, 10% of people employed in the homes of private individuals earned less than €141 and 10% earned more than €8,782, or sixty times more.

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