Compilation of Employment Estimates

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The purpose of Employment Estimates is to count the number of people in employment, as registered in administrative sources.

Employment is measured over the last week of the year for annual Estimates, at the end of the quarter for Quarterly Estimates. Any employment reported in the administrative data is counted. The treatment of multi-activity means that people who hold several jobs during the last week of the year are counted only once, as their main job,  which corresponds to the one that provides them with the highest remuneration.

Employment estimates provide employment levels and trends by geographical level (country, « régions », « départements » and employment area) and sector of activity.


Before 2006, annual and quarterly employment Estimates relied on population general censuses for the level of employment. Between two general censuses, administrative sources or surveys were used in order to  estimate the quarterly or annual evolution of employment. From 2004 onwards, exhaustive population census were replaced by annual census surveys. It was then no longer possible to use the level of employment from the census as the level of reference for employment.

Since 2007, annual employment estimates are issued from  the "ESTEL" (Localised Employment Estimates) process, which synthetises many administrative declarations, made by employers and self-employed.

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