2017 Activity Report

INSEE and official statistics
Dernière mise à jour le :24/08/2018

Presidential and legislative election years, such as 2017, restrict INSEE publication calendar: during legally-required communication reserve periods, only cyclical indicators (GDP, unemployment, inflation, turnover indices, etc.) continue to be published. Despite this restriction, INSEE has kept its productivity and standards high.

One publication “Economic Players and the Environment” is dedicated for the first time to the major issue of the environment. Guest expert, Professor Christian de Perthuis, founder of the Climate Economics Chair at Université Paris-Dauphine recognizes the progress.

Alongside publications, many projects were moved forward so that the essential statistics and studies could continue to be delivered. Some are based on new sources, such as the very first estimate of the magnitude of tourist accommodation offered by individuals via Internet platforms. Another project enabled by big data is continuing, on the use of cash-desk data from major retail to calculate the consumer price index, and will soon cover all the relevant retail chains.

A key player in the opening up of public data, INSEE made the Sirene database freely accessible in January 2017, pursuant to the Act for a Digital Republic.

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