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Economic and financial data for France - SDDS Plus

The data shown in this page correspond to the data described on the International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB).

For a fuller explanation of the DSBB and the statistical standards to which France has committed, please click on DSBB Home Page.

For each specific data category, a summary methodology statement is available in the Data Quality Assessment Framework of the IMF.

Category Display time series Download data
Real sector
National Accounts Insee SDMX-ML
Sectoral Balance Sheets Banque de France SDMX-ML
Production Index Insee SDMX-ML
Employment Insee SDMX-ML
Unemployment Insee SDMX-ML
Wages/Earnings Ministry of Labour (Dares) SDMX-ML
Consumer Price Index Insee SDMX-ML
Producer Price Index Insee SDMX-ML
Fiscal sector
General Government Operations Insee SDMX-ML
Banque de France SDMX-ML
General Government Total Gross Debt Insee SDMX-ML
Banque de France SDMX-ML
Central Government Operations Budgetary directorate SDMX-ML
Central Government Debt Agence France Trésor SDMX-ML
Financial sector
Depository Corporations Survey Banque de France SDMX-ML
Central Bank Survey Banque de France SDMX-ML
Other Financial Corporations Survey (1) Banque de France
Financial Soundness Indicators (1) Banque de France
Debt Securities Banque de France SDMX-ML
Interest Rates Banque de France SDMX-ML
Stock Market: Share Price Index Banque de France SDMX-ML
External sector
Balance of Payments Banque de France SDMX-ML
Official Reserve Assets Banque de France SDMX-ML
Data Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity Banque de France SDMX-ML
Foreign Trade Customs directorate SDMX-ML
International Investment Position Banque de France SDMX-ML
External Debt Banque de France SDMX-ML
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (2) IMF
Coordinated Direct Investment Survey (2) IMF
Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (2) Participant
Exchange Rates Banque de France SDMX-ML
Population Insee SDMX-ML

(1): Data for this data category are not disseminated. Metadata for this category contain a transition plan demonstrating how SDDS Plus requirements will be met by end-2019.

(2): SDMX-ML data are not required.