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The cash position in industry is considered less easy in the first half of 2011

Cash survey in industry– December 2011

In the second half of 2011, according to business leaders, the cash position in the industry is considered less easy than the first half of 2011: the corresponding balance of opinion decreases by fifteen points and passes below its long-term average.

In the second half of 2011, operating balance is considered down but remains at its long-term average. the cash is penalized by financial costs. However, the cash is less penalized by the increase of supply costs than in the fisrt half of 2011.

Opinion about cash position and operating balance
Balance of opinion, s.a, in %
* : The average of the balances opinion since June 1990.
Source : Cash survey in industry - INSEE
Average* JUN10 DEC10 JUN11 DEC11
Cash –4 0 8 2 –13
Operating balance 8 23 22 30 12
Cash 0 –7 1 17 –6
Operating balance 11 –4 20 27 –4

Cash position in industry

Cash position in industry

Operating balance

Operating balance

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n° 10 - January 9, 2012

Survey of the cash-flow situation in industry - December 2011

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