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In December 2015, households' confidence was resilient

In December 2015, households' confidence was stable. The synthetic confidence index stands at 96 for the third consecutive month, below its long-term average (100).

Personal situation

Future financial situation: improving

In December, households' opinion of their past financial situation was virtually stable (-1 point). Regarding their future financial situation, their opinion of it improved (+3 points). These two balances nevertheless remained below their long-term average.

Households were as numerous in December as in November to consider it was a suitable time to make major purchases. The corresponding balance stood at its long-term average level.

Saving capacity: virtually stable

In December, households remained almost as optimistic as in November about their saving capacity. The balance of opinion concerning their current saving capacity was virtually stable (+1 point). The one concerning their future saving capacity was stable for the third consecutive month. These two balances stood above their long-term averages.

The share of households considering it was a suitable time to save grew by 4 points in December, yet remaining below its long-term average.

Consumer confidence synthetic index

Consumer confidence synthetic index
CONSUMER OPINION: synthetic index and opinion balances
Balance of responses, seasonally adjusted
(1) Average value between January 1987 and December 2015
(2) This indicator is normalised in such a way that its average equals 100 and standard error equals 10 over the estimation period (1987-2015).
Source: INSEE, monthly consumer confidence survey
Av. (1) Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Synthetic index (2) 100 97 96 96 96
Financial sit., past 12 m. -19 -26 -24 -24 -25
Financial sit., next 12 m. -4 -7 -10 -10 -7
Current saving capacity 8 13 8 10 11
Expected saving capacity -10 -2 -4 -4 -4
Savings intentions, next 12 m. 18 8 7 4 8
Major purchases intentions, next 12 m. -14 -7 -13 -14 -14
Standard of living, past 12 m. -43 -52 -54 -53 -55
Standard of living, next 12 m. -23 -29 -30 -30 -30
Unemployment, next 12 m. 32 46 60 35 46
Consumer prices, past 12 m. -13 -53 -50 -49 -51
Consumer prices, next 12 m. -34 -41 -41 -41 -38

Economic situation in France

Past standard of living in France: declining slightly

In December, households' balance of opinion of the past standard of living in France fell back slightly (–2 points). As for the future standard of living, their appreciation was stable for the third consecutive month. Those two balances stayed below their long-term average.

Unemployment: fears increasing anew

In December, the fears of households concerning unemployment rose significatively, after having decreased sharply the previous month: the corresponding balance grew by 11 points and went back to its level of September 2015. This balance has stood above its long-term average since June 2011.

Inflation perceived: lessening slightly

In December, slightly fewer households than in November thought that prices had increased during the last twelve months.The corresponding balance lost 2 points and remained clearly below its long-term average.

Conversely, households were more numerous than the previous month to expect a rise in prices for the next twelve months (+3 points). However, the corresponding balance remained below its long-term average.

Balances on personal financial situation and standard of living

Balances on personal financial situation  and standard of living

Households' unemployment expectations

Households' unemployment expectations

Households' perception of prices

Households' perception of prices

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Monthly consumer confidence survey - December 2015

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