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In May 2013, households’ confidence declined again (-4 points)

In May 2013, households’ confidence about the economic situation strongly declined. The synthetic confidence index lost 4 points, falling to its lowest level previously reached in July 2008.

Personal situation

Financial situation: slumping

In May, households appreciation of their past financial situation slightly fell by 10 points. Their opinion on their future financial situation also declined, but less (–3 points). Moreover, households were less numemous to find May as a suitable time to make major purchases (–3 points). These three balances remained clearly below their long term averages.

Savings: almost stable

In May, households’ opinion about their current saving capacity was almost stable (–1 point). Their opinion about their savings capacity in the next 12 months slightly recovered (+2 points).

Households were almost as numerous in May as in April to think that it was a suitable moment to save. The corresponding balance was almost stable (–1 point), and remained clearly beyond its long–term average.

Consumer synthetic index

Consumer synthetic index
CONSUMER OPINION: synthetic index and opinion balances
Balance of responses, seasonally ajusted
(1) Average value between January 1987 and December 2012
(2) This indicator is normalised in such a way that its average equals 100 and standard error equals 10 over the estimation period (1987-2012).
Average (1) Feb. March April May
Synthetic index (2) 100 86 83 83 79
Financial sit., past 12 m. –19 –27 –30 –28 –38
Financial sit., next 12 m. –4 –23 –25 –25 –28
Current saving capacity 8 19 18 15 14
Expected saving capacity –10 0 –3 –4 –2
Savings intentions, next 12 m. 18 30 36 31 30
Major purchases intentions, next 12 m. –14 –31 –31 –30 –33
General economic sit., past 12 m. –43 –72 –74 –76 –79
General economic sit., next 12 m. –23 –56 –61 –63 –65
Unemployment, next 12 m. 32 73 77 75 81
Consumer prices, past 12 m. –13 –12 –14 –17 –20
Consumer prices, next 12 m. –34 –23 –16 –22 –16

Economic situation in France

General economic situation in France: decreasing again

In May, households’ opinion about the expected general economic situation in France decreased again (–2 points), and reaching a new historically lowest level. Their opinion about past general economic situation also decreased (–3 points). It remained clearly below its long-term average.

Future unemployment: expectations increasing

In May, households were more numerous to forecast an increase in unemployment: the corresponding balance gained 6 points with respect to april and reached its highest level since June 2009.

Inflation’s appreciation: decreasing, but increasing expectations

In May, households were more numerous than in April to estimate that past inflation decreased. The corresponding balance lost 3 points, and 24 points with respect to September 2012. However, households were more numerous to estimate that future inflation will increase (+6 points). The corresponding balance remained above its long-term average.

Balances on personnal financial situation and general economic situation

Balances on personnal financial situation and general economic situation

Households' unemployment expectations

Households' unemployment expectations

Households' perception of prices

Households' perception of prices

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n° 122 - May 28, 2013

Monthly consumer confidence survey - May 2013

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