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In december 2010, the consumer’s confidence indicator loses 3 points

In December 2010, consumer’s confidence about the economic situation deteriorates: its summary indicator loses 3 points with respect to November.

Components of the confidence indicator

Households appreciation of personal financial situation and general economic situation drops

In December, households appreciation of their financial situation (past or future) deteriorates, the corresponding balances lose 3 and 5 points respectively. Households are also wary about the general economic situation in France (past and future), the corresponding balances step back by 5 and 4 points respectively. Households’ opinion on the timeliness to make major purchases remains lower than its long term value.

Summary consumer confidence indicator

Summary consumer confidence indicator

Other opinion balances

Future unemployment: slight improvement

In December, households are almost as numerous as in November to forecast an increase in unemployment, the corresponding balance loses 1 points. It had sharply decrease over the summer (-25 points between July and October), remaining above its long term average.

Inflation’s appreciation: sharp increase

In December, households report that past inflation has sharply increased (+6 points). Moreover, the expected inflation balance of opinion also increases (+2 points).

Capacity to save : relatively stable

Households’ opinion about their current financial situation loses 3 points but remains higher than its long term value.

However, households believe that their savings capacity in the next 12 months is stable. Also, their opinion on the timeliness for savings remains lower than its long term value.

Consumer opinion
Balance of responses, seasonally adjusted
Average* Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Summary indicator –19 –35 –34 –33 –36
Financial situation, past 12 months –17 –26 –25 –21 –24
Financial situation, next 12 months –2 –19 –17 –13 –18
General economic situation, past 12 months –40 –66 –65 –65 –70
General economic situation, next 12 months –21 –47 –44 –44 –48
Major purchases intentions, next 12 months –13 –19 –19 –20 –21

Households' unemployment expectations

Households' unemployment expectations

Households' perception of prices

Households' perception of prices

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Monthly consumer confidence survey - december 2010

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