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In August 2012, the business climate in manufacturing industry remains deteriorated

Warning: this publication marks a significant innovation. Now Insee publishes the results of surveys for the month of August.

Manufacturing industry

According to the business leaders questioned in August 2012, the industrial economic situation remains deteriorated: the synthetic indicator increases by one point but stays below its long-term average.

Despite of a bounce in August, the turning point indicator remains in the unfavorable area.

Business leaders consider that their activity in manufacturing industry is not dynamic . Stocks of finished products are steady and are near their long-term average. Total order books deteriorate and are rated as very low. On the contrary, export order books improve significantly but are considered very low.

Looking at the personal production outlook, which increases by three points but remains below their long-term average, activity in manufacturing industry would be more favorably oriented but would stay weak in the next months. The general production outlook, which represents business leaders’ opinion on French industry as a whole, is steady but remains very below its long-term average.

Leaders' opinion: manufacturing industrial activity
Balance of opinion, s.a, in %
* : The average of the balances opinion since 1976.
Source : Monthly business survey - INSEE
Manufacturing industry Average* May 12 Jun. 12 Jul. 12 Aug. 12
Synthetic index 100 93 91 89 90
Recent changes in output 5 –3 –7 –10 –9
Finished-goods inventory level 13 12 11 12 12
Demand and total order levels –17 –29 –33 –30 –33
Demand and export order levels –12 –28 –30 –36 –28
Personal production expectations 5 –2 –5 –9 –6
General production expectations –8 –29 –32 –44 –44

Industrial economic climate - Synthetic Index

Industrial economic climate - Synthetic Index

Turning-point indicator

Turning-point indicator

Business leaders' opinion (manufacturing industry)

Business leaders' opinion (manufacturing industry)

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Monthly business survey (goods-producing industries) - August 2012

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