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In October 2011, deterioration of the business climate in manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry

According to the business leaders questioned in October 2011, the industrial economic situation deteriorated slightly : the synthetic indicator decreases by two points, after it decreased by six points in September. It is below its long-term average.

The turning point indicator remains in the unfavorable area .

Business leaders consider that their past activity weakened in manufacturing industry, the balance of opinion is below its long-term average. Stocks of finished products stay near to their normal level. Total order books remain on its long-term level. Export order books decrease anew and are rated inferior to their long-term average

The personal perspectives of production stay near to their long-term average. The general production outlook, which represents business leaders’ opinion on French industry as a whole, remains on a very low level.

Leaders' opinion: manufacturing industrial activity
Balance of opinion, s.a, in %
* : The average of the balances opinion since 1976.
Source : Monthly business survey - INSEE
Manufacturing industry Average* Jun. 11 Jul. 11 Sept. 11 Oct. 11
Synthetic index 100 110 105 99 97
Recent changes in output 5 28 15 4 0
Finished-goods inventory level 13 –0 1 12 13
Demand and total order levels –17 –3 –10 –18 –18
Demand and export order levels –12 2 –5 –15 –19
Personal production expectations 5 16 6 6 4
General production expectations –8 13 3 –30 –29

Industrial economic climate - Synthetic Index

Industrial economic climate - Synthetic Index

Turning-point indicator

Turning-point indicator

Business leaders' opinion (manufacturing industry)

Business leaders' opinion (manufacturing industry)


n° 225 - October 21, 2011

Monthly business survey (goods-producing industries) - October 2011

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