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Updated: 22 October 2013

The information is divided between seven main sections that are accessible at all times via the horizontal menu bar

seven main sections

The first four sections provide access to the core information of the INSEE: basic tables (key figures), detailed data (more complex tables), studies and analyses, detailed survey files, results of major INSEE operations (the population census, among others).

These sections are Topics, Databases, Publications and Services and Regions.

The other three sections present information about the INSEE, metadata to document our data and access for different groups of visitor.

These are the Definitions and Methods, Publics and INSEE and Official Statistics sections.

  • The INSEE logo INSEE logo is always present top left and refers back to the homepage.
  • The link banners at the top and bottom of the page are present and identical on each page. Among others, the bottom menu proposes a link to the site plan.
  • The left menu proposes the first level of each section and provides rapid access from one section or sub-section to another.
  • The breadcrumb trail is present on all the pages of the website. It indicates the position of the page in the website structure; for example for this "First Visit" page, the breadcrumb trail can take you back through the section structure: Help, Services, Publications and Services and back to the Homepage:

"Topics" section

For all the topics (except "Economic Outlook" and "National Accounts-Public Finances"), a "Publications and statistics for France or the regions" search is proposed and can be filtered by product type and geographical level.

Certain topics also propose a search of "Statistics on a municipality, local authority, employment area or department..." with a choice of the type of territory.

"Databases" section

Several statistical databases in a variety of areas: structural business statistics, indices and time series, population census results, local data, details, SIRENE directory.

"Publications and Services" section

This section contains the national and regional collections, reports, detailed files, customised products, interactive animations, services (FAQ, help and contact forms) and subscriptions.

It is completed by information on the terms of re-use of INSEE data along with the legal notice and credits.

"Regions" section

Each region has its own entry point. The purpose of these areas is also to highlight the action of the INSEE in the regions: surveys, regional economic outlook, partnerships and the studies they produce.

"Definitions and Methods" section

All the classifications of activities, products and socio-professional categories, geographical classifications (official geographical code and study zones), the definitions used, survey methodology.

"Publics" section

For a number of categories of users, this section proposes shortcuts for quicker access to the information of interest to them: press, local authorities, general public, businesses, teachers/students/researchers.

"INSEE and Official Statistics" section

The organisation and missions of the INSEE, the workings of French official statistics, links to French, European and international statistical websites, information on the INSEE and European statistics and specific information about the INSEE, such as admission examinations, the library and official statistics magazine.

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