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Classifications are essential for the production, the compilation and the dissemination of statistics. Therefore, INSEE uses a range of national and international classifications.

French classification of activities - NAF rev. 2, 2008 (edition 2015)

The French classification of activities, revision 2 (NAF rev. 2, 2008) is the national statistical classification of economic activities in force since the 1st of January 2008. It has replaced the previous classification NAF rev. 1 dating back to 2003.

Aggregated classification - NA, 2008

The aggregated classification - NA, 2008 replaces the summary economic classification (NES) which was associated to NAF rev. 1. Seven levels of specific groupings of NAF Rev. 2 items have been developed for the purpose of dissemination and economic studies while fully nested in the NAF hierarchy and allowing international comparisons.

French classification of products - CPF rev. 2.1, 2015

The French classification of products, revision 2.1 (CPF rev. 2, 2015) is the national and central statistical classification of products in use since the 1st of January 2015. It has replaced the previous classification CPF rev. 2 dating back to 2008.

Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose - COICOP

Legal categories

The classification of legal categories (CJ) in use in SIRENE®, the official register for companies and their establishments, is an interadministrative classification: it is used in the management of the trade and companies register and for the data collection from companies by Centres for business formalities (CFE).

The Classifications of Professions and Socioprofessional Categories (PCS 2003 ; PCS-ESE 2003 version and 1982 version)

There are 2 classifications of professions and socioprofessional categories, each being intented for specific use:

  • the classification of professions and socioprofessional categories (PCS) is used for codifying the occupation in censuses and household surveys carried out by INSEE;
  • the classification of professions for the use of enterprises, known as PCS-ESE allows private companies to codify their employees occupation for administrative or statistical purposes.

Previous classifications versions