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Local statistics

  • Local statistics website (in French): The "Local Statistics" site provides data about the following geographical zones: municipalities, cantons, départements, regions, employment areas, urban units, urban areas and urban spaces. This data is available for these official zones in the form of downloadable tables, maps, graphs and databases.
  • « Local Portrait » for an individual geographical zone: you can also order a Local Portrait for any geographical zone of your choice located in mainland France, which enables you to access tables, maps and graphs similar to those on the “Local Statistics” website. This is provided for you, on a CD-ROM in PDF format, at a price of €60 per district (excluding handling fees).
  • Population census: the results of the annual census surveys for 2004 to 2007, and those from the 1999 census.
  • Sub-municipal urban data by district (in French): this area offers data from administrative sources or surveys on inhabitants, employment, unemployment, income and businesses for the IRIS-classification districts in municipalities of over 10,000 inhabitants, and for the sensitive urban zones (ZUS) of mainland France.

For further information

The databases provide you with access to more comprehensive, detailed data than that available in the key figures or in the detailed data accessed by theme or region.

They are often presented on more local geographical levels (employment zone, commune or sub-commune, customised zones) that are not present in the central part of the site.